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Heating System Terms To Understand

Maybe you are researching and trying to understand more about the different heating systems available in your area. You come accross many different terms that you don’t quite understand. What is conduction? What is an expansion valve?

Let’s get right to listing some of the main terms you want to be familiar with as relating to the HVAC Industry.

What is a Blower?

A blower is simply a centrifugal fan.

What is Conduction Heat?

Conduction heat is heat transfer through a substance or by physical contact between the substances.

What Is Convection Heat?

Convection heat is heat being transferred through the movement of a liquid or Gas.

What is Thermal Radiation?

Thermal radiation heat is heat transfer through electromagnetic waves that are emitted by some substance.

What is A Damper?

A damper controls the flow of air through the ducting or conduit.

What is an Evaporator?

An evaporator is a mechanism or device that changes a liquid into a vapor by transferring heat into the fluid.

What is an Expansion Valve?

An expansion valve is a is a mechanism that reduces the pressure of a fluid.

What is Hydronic Heating?

Hydronic Heating is a special heating system that circulates hot water from a boiler throughout the space to be heated.

What is a Plenum?

The plenum is the main air supply duct in a central or forced air heating system.

What is Radient Floor Heating?

You can call this a hydronic heating system. It is where hot water is circulated through the floor of a home or building. This can also be cold water for A/C.

What Is A Register?

A register is a shutter that controls the flow of air into a room. Usually found in each room in a forced air system.

These are some of the common terms you can put to memory. Of course calling your local HVAC Company in Bellingham WA will eliminate the need to know or understand terms like these. After all, life is busy enough as it is whithout spending time trying to understand how an expansion valve works!

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