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Advantages Of A Heat Pump

Will you go with an electic, gas or propane furnace? Are you researching geothermal systems? Maybe you should do what many others are choosing in Bellingham WA; the efficient heat pump.

Yes, heat pumps are everywhere, and for a few good reasons. If there is no natural gas available in your area the heat pump may be the next best option. Here are some advantages of a heat pump. And yes, there are limitations as well.

The Condensor

A heat pump is really an air conditioner that’s been reversed. Some things have been rerouted! For example, the condenser in an air conditioner is directed or routed towards the outside of the house. But in the heat pump mode, the condensor is directed towards the inside.

The condensor is what transfers heat from the refrigerant into the warm region. The outside is considered the warm region and the inside is the cold region.

The Evaporator

Also the evaporator, which transfers heat from the cold region to the refrigerant, is pointed towards the interior in an air conditioner and towards the exterior as a heat pump. Besides these two different orientations, the heat pump and A/C work the same way.

A great advantage of this technology is thta one system can be used for both heting and cooling, a sweet arrangement that can save you in installation cost and space. Both the air conditioner and heat pump are heat exchangers. Each is just a copper coil with a fan blowing accross it. Each coil can be used as either a condenser or an evaporator. The only change that needs to happen is the direction the refrigerant flows. By changing the flow direction of the refrigerant you can switch between heating and cooling. This is done by a series of ingenious valves.

Heat Pumps Can Save you Money

If you have a central duct system a heat pump has the advantage of using this ducting system for both heating and air conditioning. Modern heat pumps have a very high thermodynamic efficency. If you life in Bellingham and surrounding couties where both heating and cooling is desired, a heat pump can be very cost effective.

Heat Pump Limitations

It’s not all advantages when it comes to an engineered system like a heat pump. There are some serious limitations to consider. When outside temperatures drop near and below 30F, the heating performance drops off sharply. This usually requires supplemental backup heating and that can be expensive.

How About GeoThermal

Geothermal heating system is rapidly increasing in popularity. They are usually quite expensive to install because of the work involved. In a standard heat pump you are extracting heat from the surrounding air. In a geothermal system you are extracting heat from the ground. At certain depts the ground temperature remains the same year around!

Geothermal units are very efficient and that is part of why they are growing in popularity. Geothermal is also used for both air conditioning and heating. In the summer the ground temperature remains lower than the air temperature and in the winter it remains warmer than the air temperature.

The geothermal or ground source heat pump is among the most efficient and environmentally friendly options for whole house heating and air condtioning today!

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